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SPI Capital Ltd - Investment Property Fund
Open Ended Unlisted Diversified Property Investment Fund We have recently launched the SPI...
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SCORCH Communications
Rural wireless broadband ISP. We provide highspeed internet access to the rural sector in most...
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Dirk Kanis Contracting Ltd
Dirk Kanis Contracting Ltd from Innisfail Alberta, Canada is hiring Truck Drivers and Equipment...
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Tree Topping

This machine has been designed and built to handle trees that other hedge trimmers can't or won't even try, starting with its specially made saw blade which is 1600mm across and hardened steel. Because of its revolving blade weight, it cuts through most large branches and trees in one slice.
Natural Wool Insulation by Terra Lana

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Farmchat Featured News

New season farm confidence slips with OCR implications
21 Jul 2014
Dairy farmer confidence ebbs while meat and fibre farmers remain positive A slump in dairy farmers’ confidence has seen Federated Farmers’ new-season Farm Confidence Survey move into negative territory, with pessimists outnumbering optimists...

GlobalDairyTrade: one of a bad news triple-pack
16 Jul 2014
While today’s fall in the GlobalDairyTrade auction platform reflects the most perfect global production season in many years, Federated Farmers anticipates it could lead to downwards revision in Fonterra’s benchmark forecast of $7 per kilogram of...

‘It’s not milk’ just proves you can’t beat the real thing
12 Jul 2014
The prospect of a breakthrough in test tube product said to be like milk has not got New Zealand farmers shivering in their red-bands just yet. “Milk is much, much more than collecting up the constituent parts and running it through an...

07 Jul 2014
Country TV is launching a major upgrade of its week day news and current affairs programme The Daily Report tonight. The channel is revising its news-gathering approach to include more exclusive and original content with the introduction of a...

Accurate Bulling Test
03 Jul 2014
The release around the world of an accurate test for oestrus (or bulling) in dairy cows heralds a major advance for dairy farmers breeding programs. The test known as P4 Rapid is a simple milk based test that indicates whether a cow is cycling in...

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