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NZ Veterinary Nursing Association celebrates 15 years

05 Jul 2007
NZ Veterinary Nursing Association celebrates 15 years The New Zealand Veterinary Nursing Association (NZVNA) is celebrating its 15th anniversary at the annual New Zealand Veterinary Association (NZVA) conference in Christchurch this week.

Founded in 1992, the association has a membership of over 600 veterinary nurses throughout New Zealand.

However, Association president, Kathy Waugh, says like the veterinary industry, they face a shortage of qualified veterinary nurses.

“The veterinary nurse workforce is predominantly female so the number of qualified vet nurses within the industry will always fluctuate as women tend to leave the workforce earlier and are less inclined to work out of hours.”

In addition, Kathy says these days many veterinarians rely on their veterinary nursing staff to do more routine tasks to free up time for the vets to do surgery and consulting.

“As a consequence qualified and experienced veterinary nurses are in high demand.”

In recognition of the shortage of veterinary nurses and the need for well qualified and experience nurses, the Association has developed a new continuing professional development scheme.

“NZVNA continually encourages its members to maintain their professional currency and to increase their knowledge and skill levels. The new scheme allows veterinary nurses to build and enhance their knowledge and skills to meet the required demands of the industry.”

The NZVNA will present an Excellence Award to one veterinary nurse at the conference. Results for the peer nominated recipient of the award will be under wraps until the conference.

Those attending the veterinary nursing stream of the conference will have a chance to hear many overseas experts, local scientists, veterinarians and veterinary nurses addressing chemotherapy, toxicology, intensive care, paediatrics and many other topics.

The New Zealand Veterinary Association Conference is being held at the Christchurch Convention Centre, 95 Kilmore Street, Christchurch from 4 – 7 July.