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Amberfields Nursery
Amberfields is a nursery selling landscaping plants including natives, grasses, ornamental flaxes,...
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Silver Fern Farms Limited
Silver Fern Farms Limited is New Zealand’s foremost meat-marketing and processing company,...
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Scamps NZ Ltd
We specialise in eco friendly products. From cloth nappies to mineral make up to natural hair skin...
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Tree Topping

This machine has been designed and built to handle trees that other hedge trimmers can't or won't even try, starting with its specially made saw blade which is 1600mm across and hardened steel. Because of its revolving blade weight, it cuts through most large branches and trees in one slice.
Natural Wool Insulation by Terra Lana

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Farmchat Featured News

15 Apr 2014
Choosing a winner in the 2014 New Zealand Sharemilker/Equity Farmer of the Year competition is a tough task for the judges, due to the varying backgrounds and positions of the finalists. “It is a really interesting competition this year. A...

Restructure could cost LIC jobs
12 Apr 2014
Fifty-eight people will have to re-apply for their jobs after LIC confirmed it would move ahead with a major restructure.

Farmers back major Local Government NZ funding review
10 Apr 2014
Federated Farmers is fully behind a fundamental review by Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) into the way local government and local roads are funded. “LGNZ deserves praise for tackling a ticking time bomb made up of demographics and an ever...

08 Apr 2014
The 33 finalists in the 2014 New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards showcase the talent the dairy industry is attracting. National convenor Chris Keeping says many of the finalists are relatively new to the industry, having changed careers, and...

Pair charged with $150k of stock theft
02 Apr 2014
Two people arrested for what police described as a "highly organised" North Canterbury stock rustling ring have been charged with 41 counts of theft totalling almost $150,000.

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Ideal house temperature has a substantial influence on pig health and performance. Therefore,...

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It is an important part to provide the piglets a better living environment with appropriate temp...

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This heat lamp is employing the ion-tech to produce sun-like thermal radiation which can create...