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Fire and Light NZ Ltd.
Sales and servicing of torches and lights, fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, fire blankets nad...
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Meat & Wool New Zealand
Meat & Wool New Zealand is funded by livestock producers through levies on all beef, sheep and...
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Tree Topping

This machine has been designed and built to handle trees that other hedge trimmers can't or won't even try, starting with its specially made saw blade which is 1600mm across and hardened steel. Because of its revolving blade weight, it cuts through most large branches and trees in one slice.
Natural Wool Insulation by Terra Lana

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Farmchat Featured News

Fruit Incursion Shows Poor Risk Management
23 Feb 2015
The finding of a small population of Queensland Fruit fly in Auckland shows the failure of MPI’s risk management program. It is clear that MPI have failed to adjust to the increased threat with the explosion of Fruit Fly this...

Landline is back for 2015
09 Feb 2015
The iconic Australian news and current affairs show ‘Landline’ returns in full volume with presenter Pip Courtney in 2015 with a premiere date of 13th February. The show has always been well-received on NZ screens with Country TV holding the...

Farmer confidence falls with dairy prices and dry summer
08 Feb 2015
A slump in farmer confidence has seen Federated Farmers’ new-season 2015 Farm Confidence Survey move further into negative territory. Pessimists outnumber optimists for both the general economy and farm profitability. Federated...

Dairy farmers' confidence drying up
06 Feb 2015
Farmers are more pessimistic about their prospects, according to the latest Federated Farmers farm confidence survey.

That’s Country Makes a Return to TV
22 Jan 2015
Back in 1976, That’s Country hit TV screens across New Zealand in a country music phenomenon that travelled across the globe, becoming the first NZ TV show to be sold to American broadcasters. It was successful everywhere, and next month it...

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